PVC/Pet/Paper Card, Plastic Smart RFID Card, NFC Card, RFID Tag Used as Membership Card/Business Card/Gift Card/Prepaid Card/ATM Card/Magnetic Strip Card
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PVC/Pet/Paper Card, Plastic Smart RFID Card, NFC Card, RFID Tag Used as Membership Card/Business Card/Gift Card/Prepaid Card/ATM Card/Magnetic Strip Card

PVC/Pet/Paper Card, Plastic Smart RFID Card, NFC Card, RFID Tag Used as Membership Card/Business Card/Gift Card/Prepaid Card/ATM Card/Magnetic Strip Card

PVC/PET/Paper card, RFID/NFC Card, RFID/NFC Tag, Blank Card --- PVC Cards solution from 2001 --- Company Profile: Star T
Basic Info.
Model NO. ST-RFID-078
Application Field Access Control
Power Supply Mode Passive Card
Frequency High/Low/Ultrahigh Frequency
Data Transmission Mode Parallel
Chips Available. Em 4100, Tk4100, S50, F08, Ntag213 etc.
Personalization Encoding Magstrip/Chip/Number Printing etc.
Available Accessory Magnetic Stripe, Signature Panel, Stamped Foil etc
Printing Litho, Screen
Transport Package 100PCS/Shrink Wrap, 200PCS/Box, 2, 000PCS/Carton
Specification ISO CR80 3.375" x 2.125", 840-880micron
Trademark OEM
Origin Shanghai, China
HS Code 3926909090
Production Capacity 6 Millions/Month
Product Description
PVC/PET/Paper card, RFID/NFC Card, RFID/NFC Tag, Blank Card
--- PVC Cards solution from 2001 ---

Company Profile: Star Trend is a full-service provider and exporter of smart card, RFID card, RFID label, card raw material and accessories since 1999 in Shanghai, China. As a leading card provider with over 17 years export experience, Star Trend shipped millions of cards to more than 80 countries all around the world every year. Our advantages:

  • Strict Quality Control: Our quality control and inspection system guarantees high quality roducts delivered to our customers.
  • Strong Technical Team: By working together with our customers, we integrate our RFID tags or other access products with their access systems perfectly.
  • Excellent Service: We have worked with quite a few distributors and customers more than 15 years.
  • Abundant export experience: 17 years of export experience helps our customers handle their shipments and relative financial affairs professionally.
  • Long Quality Guarantee: 2 years of quality guarantee upon of shipments received.

Products: The completion of a plastic card seems simple but challenging. To achieve the perfect combination of its beauty, utility and cost control, each card needs more efforts. From the conception, the design artwork, the determination of the process, the constant testing of some special processes to the implementation of the final process, each step needs to be put into more effort, material and manpower.. Especially for some details, we must go through tedious experiments and test repeatedly, so that we can gradually adjust to the best condition. We have been committed to this work for seventeen years, and we have made every effort to achieve the best results for every card. When we see customers satisfied with our products, we are sincerely pleased and proud.

Model NO.: ST-Card-078

We provide all sorts of card printing service, including Membership Card/business card/gift card/prepaid card/Loyalty card/Hotel key tag/ATM card with magnetic strip/hot stamp/Chip etc.The above three cards are with hot-stamping while the other three cards are with UV coating.
Material:New PVC, Paper, PET
Size: CR80, 0.25mm to 0.90mm thickness (For non-standard specification, asking for detials).
Printing Methods:Multiple solutions (Offset, Silk screen Numbers, UV, Laser etc.)
Available crapts and ccessories: High quality hot-stamping,LoCo/HiCo magnetic strips, RFID chips, Stickers, Cardboard holder etc.
Personalization:Magnetic strip encoding, Barcode, numbers by UV, Laser, thermal printing
Package:100pcs/shrink wrap, 500pcs/box, 5,000pcs/carton (Only for CR80, 0.76mm thickness of PVC cards)
G.W. :27kgs/carton with 0.03CBM
Origin:Shanghai, China

Printing solutions: We are committed to applying different printing schemes to customers' plastic cards and RFID tags to achieve the perfect visual effect. Based on 17 years of printing experience, we have successfully developed a printing mechanism for solving difficult printing problems,so as to achieve the perfect combination of various printing methods. Available crafts or accessories of PVC cards: The aesthetics and function of a card and RFID/NFC tags are all important. To implement these two functions simultaneously, the implementation of some measures is necessary, In order to meet the requirements of card and RFID tag's usage, environment and use crowd, we work with our customers to develop solutions to effectively combine various processes basing on our professionalism. Below are some samples:Number (ID) solutions The suitability of personalized data processing determines whether cards and tags can really achieve their functions. Because tens of millions of data are processed each year, we have established a complete personalized process. For special data processing, we develop corresponding computer programs or transform personalized equipment, or even purchase new equipment for our customers.Since not all personalization can be displayed, the following samples only display visual personalization. If you need more samples, please ask us.

More details about our PVC cards and PVC Key tags

ItemsPrinted PVC card baseAvailable options
Basic date:
Card materialNew opaque PVC1). Transparent PVC2). Recycle PVC3). PET 4). Paper
Card dimensionCR80 (85.7mm x 54mm)1). 3 in 1 key tag2). CR80 + 1 key tags3). CR80 + 2 key tags4). Customized dimensions
Card thickness760micron (30mil)1). 1000micron2). 880micron3). 500micron4). 380micron5). 250micron6). Customized
Card finishingGlossy lamination1). Matt lamination2). Frosted lamination
Printing processesCMYK offset1). Silk-screen (pantones, metallic gold/silver etc)2). Clear UV spot varnish
Printing protectionOverlays on both sides
Accessories or crafts
Magnetic stripeHiCo 2750oe, track 1/2/3,ISO width 12.7mm1). LoCo 300oe, 2). HiCo 4000oe, track 1/2/3, ISO width 12.7mm3). Single track strip is available under big qty.
Signature panelWhite, screen typeTransparent, screen type
Hot stamp foilNa1). Customized shape with gold/silver foil2). Customized shape with red/blue foil
Hot stamp hologramNaCustomized design, Kurz hologram
Punching processesNa1). Round hole, dia. 5mm2). Slot hole, 13mm x 5mm3). Customized shape & size is available
Other accessoriesNa1). Barcode sticker2). Anti-conterfeiting sticker
ICNaContact chip5542 ( 256 byte EEPROM )5528 ( 1 k byte EEPROM )
RFIDNaContactless chip
1). HF 13.56 MHzMifare S50, S70Mifare UltralightMifare Desfire EV1, 2k, 4k, 8k2). LF 125 kHzTk28, TK4100, Atmel t5567Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag series
PersonalizationNa1). Numbering: serial number, pin code2). Encoding magnetic stripe3). Barcode4). QR code5). Embossing + gold/silver tipping 6). UID laser engraved7). Encrypt8). Decrypt
Packaging500 pcs / unit boxShrink wrapped outside10 unit boxes per master carton1). 250 pcs/ unit box Shrink wrapped outside 20 unit boxes/ master carton2). Customized packing
Sample prior to productionAvailableAvailable
Sample time7 working days after confirmation7 working days after confirmation
Sample costUSD 100, including delivery fee. Depends on artwork file
DeliveryNa1). Sea freight2). Airfreight3). Door to door express4). DHL, FedEx, UPS

A part of relative products - PVC Cards, RFID Card, RFID Wristbands, RFID keyfob, Card Sleeve and Card holders etc.

Different types of PVC cards
RFID Silicone Wristbands(bracelets)
Fabric woven Wristbands with RFID tag
PVC disposable RFID wristbands (bracelets)
ABS RFID keyfobs tags

Available Chips for RFID and NFC tags:
TK4100125KhzR/O64 bit Taiwan
EM4100/EM4102125KhzR/O64 bit EM
EM4200125KhzR/O64 bit EM
EM4550125KhzR/W1K bit EM
EM4069125KhzR/W128 bit EM
EM4305125KhzR/W512 bitISO11784/785EM
T5557125KhzR/W363 bitISO11784/785ATMEL
HITAG 1125KhzR/W2K bit NXP
HITAG 2125KhzR/W256 bitISO11784/785NXP
MIFARE mini13.56MhzR/W320 byteISO14443ANXP
MIFARE Classic 1K13.56MhzR/W1K byteISO14443ANXP
MIFARE Classic 4K13.56MhzR/W4k byteISO14443ANXP
MIFAER Ultralight13.56MhzR/W512 bitISO14443ANXP
MIFAER Ultralight C13.56MhzR/W1536 bitISO14443ANXP
MIFARE Desfire EV1 2K13.56MhzR/W2K byteISO14443ANXP
MIFARE Desfire EV1 4K13.56MhzR/W4K byteISO14443ANXP
MIFARE Desfire EV1 8K13.56MhzR/W8K byteISO14443ANXP
ICODE SLI13.56MhzR/W1024 bitISO14443ANXP
ICODE SLI-L13.56MhzR/W512 bitISO14443ANXP
ICODE SLI-S13.56MhzR/W2048 bitISO14443ANXP
NTAG 21313.56MhzR/W144 byteISO14443ANXP
NTAG 21513.56MhzR/W504 byteISO14443ANXP
NTAG 21613.56MhzR/W888 byteISO14443ANXP
Alien H3860Mhz - 960MhzR/W512 bitISO18000-6CAlien

Q & AAbout card What is the minimum order quantity?We can print as few as 100 pcs per design.However it's much better to get perfect printing if order qty is minimum 500 pcs per design. How long will it take to print my order?It depends on what you've ordered and the service you picked. Regardless of what you've ordered, all our work has a guaranteed turnaround time. Normally, it will take 10 days to finish 10,000 pieces basic CMYK printing plastic card. What are your cards made from?Our cards are made from new PVC plastic - the proper stuff - not that flimsy encapsulated cardboard stuff that tends to fall apart. All of our cards are laminated and have rounded corners which make them last much longer, just like your bank card. Can I see an actual plastic card sample with my design?Yes, we have 7 day express service to make a sample for you. But prior to that, we need to work together to confirm the digital proof.The proof card is done by normal processes, just like what we are going to do with your normal order. There is to be little cost that we are going to deduct from your order amount finally. What is the procedure if I buy cards from you?RFQ - Quote - Artwork - Proof - Confirmation - Physical Sample (if needed) - Payment - Production - Delivery - After-sale service About business What makes you think you are better?We know this business very well, STAR TREND possibly is one of the first batch of china cards distributor for overseas market. We know you very well, we've been working with hundreds of importers, wholesalers and customers from 70 different countries and regions since 2001. We know your concerns very well, about IPR (intellectual property protection), quality control, delivery schedule and after-sale service. We know how to do to achieve your target - to make customer happy. We know how to support you to make everything running smooth, to get repeat orders, to gain the bidding and to expand your business. What kind of services can you offer besides card production?We'd like to provide our customer:
  • Artwork design and modification, at free.
  • Professional proposal of technology choices to fulfill customer's idea.
  • Flexible packing solutions to match customer's delivery request.
  • Reliable shipping solutions to reduce customer's cost with the fast delivery.
  • Follow up and after-sale service during production till the repeat order.
  • Proper stock for customer in order to save storage cost and accelerates delivery for repeat orders.
  • And further request from you.

When did you export the first card?In 2001 we shipped the first magnetic stripe card to Norway. It's an access card for a zoo. How long have you been working with the 1st customer?We are pleased to serve all our customers as best as we can. The longest cooperation with our 1st customer has been 15 years and we are confident to go ahead for another 15 years. How many countries have you exported the magnetic stripe cards since 1999?We've exported the magnetic stripe cards to 70 countries and regions. Who purchased the magnetic stripe cards from you?Importers, distributors, wholesalers and/or the end customer directly purchased cards from us. Are there any well-known international customers for whom you produced cards?AIG, AUDI, BauMax, BAYER, BMW, CHANEL, GEOX, MacDonald, Mercedes, MUL-T-LOCK, RABOBANK, SAMSUNG, etc. What international exhibitions did you attend?Generally we attended the CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS EVENT in Paris.