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'Mask Girl' trailer: Go Hyun

Aug 20, 2023

"Are you that curious about my face?"

Netflix has dropped the full trailer for its upcoming K-drama series Mask Girl, starring Go Hyun-jung and After School‘s Nana. Watch the clip above.

Mask Girl will follow the story of Kim Mo-mi (Reflection of You‘s Go Hyun-jung), an unremarkable office worker who’s always had dreams of becoming a celebrity that is loved by all. Stuck in an ordinary life, she finds the attention she so badly craves by becoming an online streamer (also known as an internet broadcast jockey in Korea) called as Mask Girl (played by After School’s Nana).

“I’ve led a sinful life. I’ve committed a lot of crimes,” Kim Mo-mi says in the new trailer for Mask Girl. “I was never happy, not even for a single day,” she adds, as the trailer shows scenes from her life.

But everything changes the moment she puts on a sleek wig and sparkly pink mask, transforming into the titular Mask Girl. “Are you that curious about my face?” she asks her online audience.

But everything is not as it seems, with murders and mystery abound, with scenes of blood splatters, bodies being hidden in bags and more. “It feels as though the world I knew yesterday is disappearing,” Mask Girl says. “I still love the cheers and applause that people give me.”

Elsewhere in the clip, we’re introduced to single mother Kim Kyung-ja (The Glory‘s Yeom Hye-ran), and Mo-mi’s office co-worker Ju Oh-nam (Be Melodramatic‘s Ahn Jae-hong). Mask Girl is set to premiere August 18 exclusively on Netflix.

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