Woman Shares Plastic Bag Storage Hack Using a Tissue Box
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Woman Shares Plastic Bag Storage Hack Using a Tissue Box

Jun 24, 2023

We all love hacks that make life a little easier. One woman’s solution to a widespread plastic bag storage problem caused plenty of stir online.

Aug. 8 2023, Published 2:05 p.m. ET

Say what you want about TikTok, but the app is addictive. And there’s a reason for that. On the popular app, there's never a shortage of “say what?” moments crafted by those with information on historical facts, political tea, and, of course, plenty of hacks.

Any avid TikTok user knows that many people have shared their favorite hacks on the app to help others make their lives a little easier.

Whether folks are looking for ideas to make traveling more effective or shopping hacks to get free water at Walmart, there is a hack for everything someone needs in life and their home.

One woman stumbled upon another TikTok account describing what to do with all of the plastic bags someone eventually accrues after a few months or years of shopping.

The household hack was so good it caused the user to question everything she previously learned before TikTok’s inception.

I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience growing up in a Black household, plastic bags were required to be recycled. My mom always kept her “bag of bags,” as I called it, under the kitchen sink. Did we have trash bags? Absolutely. But having extra bags always came in clutch when you needed a lunch bag or more trash bags for the bathroom and other household areas.

Unsurprisingly, I inherited my mom’s “green thumb” when I moved out and kept a bag of bags under the sinks of my apartments and house. However, since I practically live in the grocery store, those bags definitely pile up, even when I recycle them.

Seraphina (@thedevilsdaughter162) has a similar problem, which explains why the TikToker took to the app for hacks to make her plastic bag storage process a little easier.

In July 2023, Seraphina posted a stitch of another user holding a tissue box with a plastic bag on top of it. As the user held the bag, she showed its handle on the outside of the tissue box, with the bag stuffed.

After sharing the short clip, Seraphina posted herself reacting to the hack in her kitchen. She told her followers, “I’ll be back in a moment,” as she slammed an empty tissue box on her counter, followed by her own bag of bags collection. Then, in another scene, Seraphina showed her take on it and praised the woman in the video for putting her on to the impressive hack.

“I don't think y'all realize how much of a lifesaver this is,” Seraphina said while shaking the tissue box. If you have an issue with a bag of bags collection, this hack might be just what you're looking for.

After raving about the hack she discovered on TikTok, Seraphina showed how effective the hack was. As she took out several bags, she was amazed by how many bags she could actually store in a tissue box.

Underneath her TikTok, Seraphina’s commenters were also amazed by the effectiveness of the hack. Many users in her comment section were stunned that they had never heard of the hack and also credited TikTok for putting them on to life-saving hacks daily.

“Ahahahaha... I've learned more in 3 years on TikTok than I ever learned with 13 years of school!!!” one user said.

“I will be doing this now, lol,” another stated.

Seraphina also received comments from users who enjoyed her commentary about the hack but wondered how to do it. As one user noted, Seraphina never showed how she crafted the hack. Following her initial video, the user posted another video explaining how she did the hack.

During the video, she put the first bag in an empty tissue box (preferably one with a square box) after straightening it to “get all of the air out of it.” She then stuffed the bag in the box and moved on to another bag.

Once she straightened another bag, she tied the bag in with the first one through that bag’s loop. Seraphina then stuffed both bags in the tissue box and told her followers to repeat the process until they had their desired set of bags in the box.

After sharing the hack’s instructions, the user’s commenters praised her for posting the game-changing hack.

“Girl, go on with your bad self. Love it!” one user said.

“Not me heading out to get tissues to control my bags…” another shared.

“You are a queen!” exclaimed one TikToker. “Thank you, you have no idea how much I needed this today 😂.”