'Mask Girl': Korean Mystery Series Drops Trailer
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'Mask Girl': Korean Mystery Series Drops Trailer

Aug 08, 2023

By Patrick Frater

Asia Bureau Chief

Upcoming female-led mystery-thriller series “Mask Girl” sees an unassuming office worker secretly rise the heights as a popular, masked online model and, in a downward spiral, become Prisoner #1047. Seemingly repentant, she secretly plots her escape.

The Korean-produced show employs three different actors Ko Hyun-jang, Nana and a yet-to-be-revealed newcomer to represent the Kim Mo-mi character in her different evolutions.

Netflix will Thursday drop a trailer and three separate posters intended to create intrigue as to Kim’s real nature, ahead of the series’ Aug. 18 upload.

The three actors are joined by: Ahn Jae-hong, who portrays another office denizen whose only pleasure is watching internet broadcasts after work and is the first to realize that Mask Girl may be his co-worker Kim Mo-Mi; and by Yeom Hye-ran, portraying a mother who is hell-bent of finding the son around whose life her own revolves.

With production by House of Impression and Bonfactory (owned by CJ ENM and Fifth Season), “Mask Girl” is written and directed by Kim Yong-Hoon. He describes the three characters as “injured, marginalized individuals,” each tangled in the web of a murder.

Netflix has enjoyed huge impact with its roster of Korean content. Third-party reports have shown Korean films and series to be among the most watched online content in Asia, surpassing English-language shows in several territories. And Korean content has helped Netflix continue to grow subscriber numbers in Asia at a time of slowdown for the SVOD sector. The last week has seen three Korean shows in Netflix’s global non-English top ten chart. The streamer has committed to spending a further $2.5 billion on Korean productions over the next four years.

Watch the trailer for “Mask Girl” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUTY9tZk5TY