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France to end non

Oct 11, 2023

Customers will still be able to ask for a printout if they want one, and receipts will still be compulsory in places such as restaurants or garages.

The end of the systematic printing of paper sales receipts has come into effect in France. This measure, which also applies to bank card receipts, has been taken in the name of the environment.

But it has been criticized by some, who point out that for many households, sales slips are a tool for managing the family budget.

In fact, the receipt will not disappear: customers who so wish will still be able to request a printout, to clear up any doubts about a price, for example. And in certain cases (restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, garages, etc.), the printout will remain compulsory.

In other news, French consumers will face a further 10% increase in regulated electricity tariffs from 1 August. This increase, which will apply to households and small businesses, reflects the government's desire to gradually ease the pressure on public finances.

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