Best Amazon Prime Day graphics card deals
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Best Amazon Prime Day graphics card deals

May 20, 2023

Cheaper GPUs: no longer just a comforting fantasy

Graphics cards and Amazon Prime Day seem like a good match: components that are still stinging from years of overpricing, introduced to a sales event that reliably slashes PC gaming hardware. Sure enough, early Prime Day GPU deals have made even spanking-new models like the RTX 4060 Ti more affordable, and now it’s time to see what the main event has to offer.

As with all official Prime Day deals, the steepest savings will only be available to Amazon Prime members, so if you’re in the market for a graphics card upgrade then you might want to sign up with the link below. The good news is that you don’t need to stay subscribed: there’s a 30-day free trial that will secure you all the benefits of Prime membership, including access to these choice Prime Day deals, and you can cancel it before those 30 days are up at no charge. Prime Day 2023 runs across July 11th and 12th, so in theory you’d only need it for these two days.

Amazon Prime Membership gets you free next-day delivery, occasional free PC games via Prime Gaming, and access to all Prime Day deals. If you sign up now, the free trial period will cover Prime Day on July 11th and 12th; if you allow the subscription to continue after those 30 days, it's £9/$15 per month or £95/$139 annually.

There are many more hardware offers up for grabs in our main Prime Day PC gaming deals hub, as well as our guide to the best Prime Day deals on Steam Deck accessories. Not an Amazon fan to begin with? Check out our Anti-Prime Day deals guide, which highlights the most competitive PC gaming deals from non-Amazon retailers – graphics cards included.