TikToker reveals how to transform an empty tissue box into a plastic grocery bag dispenser
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TikToker reveals how to transform an empty tissue box into a plastic grocery bag dispenser

Jun 15, 2023

Wed, August 02, 2023 at 5:26:01 PM EDT

Do you have hoards of empty plastic grocery bags floating around your place that you don’t know what to do with? Ambrieyelle “Seraphina” Griffin (@thedevilsdaughter162) has a solution for how to store them using only an empty tissue box.

Household hacks to the rescue #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #plasticbags #lifesaver

“Household hacks to the rescue,” she captioned her TikTok.

Griffin has joined the masses of TikTokers sharing creative household hacks on everything from DIY air-conditioning to grill cleaning, and her followers were impressed.

Griffin’s TikTok was saved 413 times — “I swear I learned so much on TikTok that like I have a love-hate relationship with it,” commented @heroic.po — but some of her followers demanded more details about how to actually make the tissue box bag holder.

So Griffin delivered, providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to craft a grocery bag holder out of just an empty tissue box:

Replying to @Nate Velar Storage for your plastic bags tutorial #fyp #foryou #plasicbag #householdhacks

She described the process as folding up a grocery bag so the handles point upwards, then looping the next bag through the handles so its own handles point up, too. Then, repeat the process, stuffing in each bag as you go. When the box is full, you will be able to pull one bag out at a time in a neat and orderly fashion.

“This is great!!,” commented @smille25.

The concept of needing storage for plastic bags was foreign to some commenters, as certain states, like Delaware, have completely banned using plastic bags at stores. Other commenters, however, appreciated the tip that could make their living spaces tidier.

“You just changed life as we know it,” said @brandyrant.

Some people also chimed in with their own grocery bag storage tips.

“I also use empty Lysol wipes cans,” said @yourgirlmelzz.

“I use the cardboard from the paper towels you tie them in a ball & put them inside & they stay in the household item pantry lol,” wrote @juicee0214.

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